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The Peloponnese is one of the most historic areas of Greece. Includes the prefectures: Argolida, Arkadia, Achaia, Ilia, Korinthia, Lakonia and Messinia. The Greek revolution of 1821 started from the Peloponnese, on 21 March from Kalavryta, shortly before the official start of the Friendly company. Beaches, perched on the rocks stone passages, fertile plains, castles and ancient theatres, are some of the attractions you can enjoy going there. The Corinthia is a breath from Athens 80 km with the valuable archaeological sites, Lacy beaches and mountain slopes. Any particular location although Savonlinna, whichever corner though, always step your will are both themselves and a journey of peoples, culture and tastes of the senses. The Ancient Corinth, which dominates the Temple of Apollo, the mythical Krini of Glaykis, Lechaeum, route, ruins of Asklipieio theatre and Conservatory, as well as remnants of a series Krinon which decorate the city. The Akrokorinthos, the oldest Castle of Peloponnese, built on a hill, amounting to 575 metres, which impresses with its unique views offered. The Isthmus (Canal) is very famous and important, because it connects the Peloponnese with central Greece and became the opening in 1893. The Canal, except the majestic of the channel, one can admire the remains of the ancient Diolkoy, the rock’s path was the solution quick passage of boats. The city of Loutraki or "Peiraia Earth" is one of the most important Spa cities of Greece with continuous tourism development. The Loytraki is known to everybody for spring of water which treats arthritis and several other ailments.

The County, Argolida is located 60 km away from Corinth. The magic of Argolikis capital starts from the narrow alleys of the neoclassic buildings, historic squares, old churches and Turkish mosques to stimulate the history of the place. In Nafplion, the first capital of Greece worth visit Palamidi, the chapel of Saint Andrew, the Akronafplia, the folklore, the Venetian, the Naval Museum and the Kompologiou (Rosary ) Museum .There are also two Turkish mosques and the Church of St. Spyridonos, where in one of the two mosques, was the first Greek Parliament meets, while the Church has substantial assassinate Governor of Greece, Ioanni ( John ) Kapodistrias. Real gem County Epidavros, is known for the famous theatro. Built inside a forest, team visitors, Greeks and foreigners both architecture and acoustics. The theatre in the years of antiquity was the place of worship of Asclepius, organize sports, holidays and theatrical the archaeological area, the main building is the temple of Apollo Maleati, the luxurious circular edifice of the Dome, the Temple of the foundation of Themidos and Temple of Artemis. In the archaeological museum located many of the findings of the Asklipioy. One of the greatest archeological sites, the Mycenae surrounded by the magic veil of Fable of Atreidon. Here was the Centre of the Mycenaean civilization. Be sure to visit the Citadel of the city of Lions Gate, which the oldest specimen of the architectural sculpture in Europe. Outside the Citadel vaulted graves were found with the most imposing tomb of Agamemnon.

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Those are some locations which are located a few kilometers away from our Guest House Jo Rooms and have important historical and archeological importance. Peloponnese has to offer even more monuments and construction works of the ancient and new history of Greece.