Ancient Corinth

Jo Rooms Guest House Everything you need to know about us before your visit

Memorable one hospitality The Guest House owners, Ms. Joanne & Mr. Harry, promise you a memorable stay

The Staff are dedicated to make you stay as comfortable as possible, are available to provide information both for the range of ancient Korinthos or to the facilities in your room.

Rooms get cleaned daily, in the Endeavour to maintain our green Guest House credentials, we urge you to reuse your towels, and however, when you require a new towel placed in your room, please leave the towel on the floor and a clean one will be left in its place.

On the first floor at the rear of the Guest House is our sundeck which is available at your discretion. Refreshments are also available at reception.

At the reception desk you can find information about the museum and the rest area of ancient Korinthos , also we offer you lending library, board games and a wonderful collection of movies.

In all places of our Guest House and rooms free wireless internet (Wi-Fi).

Breakfast is served daily from 7:30am to 10:30am sharp. If you have any special needs please inform the reception desk before 3:00 pm the previous day so that food can be arranged.

Free & spacious parking area ia available at the entrance of our Guest House.

The roofed terrace in the entrance of the Guest House is available for our Guest House guests.

Enjoy your stay at our Guest House and explore the history and the beauty of ancient Korinthos.

For any information, please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff.

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On the first floor there is an open sundeck, which is available to our guests.

Breakfast & Snackbar

Rich continental breakfast while you can request your special preference!

Meet hospitable Xenophon!!!

In the courtyard of our Guest House will always welcomes you with a friendly welcoming little turtle, Xenophon!

Places to visit during your stay at Ancient Korinthos